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Samantha Villanueva 8October2002 Mkt 130 I. Summary In an article titled "Service With a Smile", Erin Strout discusses the significance of managers stressing customer service to their retail employees. She claims that a sales associate's grammar and body language are both aspects taken into account by a customer. Strout supports the idea that with proper training, retail managers should empower their employees to make their own decisions when dealing with customers. She believes that when potential buyers are all greeted in the same exact manner and dealt with according to a strict policy, they will most often view their treatment as impersonal. Strout also emphasizes the need for the customer to feel important. She points out that many times sales associates size up customers due to the way they look and therefore discriminate when providing customer service. While it is creative to deal with different types of customers in diverse manners, it is not acceptable to treat potential buyers with varying levels of courtesy and respect.

II. Analysis/Application As the Retail Manager of Hottie Clothing in Green Valley, it is my responsibility to oversee the performance of all store employees. The interaction between sales associates and customers is crucial. Therefore, it is important that I ensure that all employees are flexible when dealing with different customers. I find that sometimes sales associates will pick and choose the types of potential buyers they are willing to help. Because I believe this habit is both unprofessional and lazy, I try to train employees to adapt to the needs of the potential buyer. When my employee customizes his/her service to the customer, most likely the customer will feel confident in their purchase and in their decision to shop at our store. I honestly believe that this skill comes easier to some than others, but with practice, any sales associate can become comfortable with all types of customers. I stress to employees as well as to myself that each and every customer contributes to the success of our store. Therefore, they all deserve our courtesy and undivided attention!

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