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Table of Contents Executive Summary"¦"¦.

Introduction"¦"¦"¦ S.W.O.T"¦"¦ Capacity Planning"¦"¦"¦"¦ Manpower Planning"¦"¦.


Managing for Quality"¦"¦..

Material Control"¦"¦..

Cost Control"¦"¦..

Training and Development"¦"¦.

Facility Location and Layout"¦"¦ Problem Indentification and Solutions"¦"¦ Exhibits, Tables, and Figures"¦"¦ Conclusions"¦"¦.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Treats Safeway strength is that it belongs to a huge corporation, which is financial stable and expanding. Safeway have an efficient supply chain for its inventory, using a Just-in-Time system. Which place daily orders to the supplier, for small batch delivery. The Safeway membership card is another strength. Safeway use the membership card is use to collect data on customers spending and buying patterns for a particular store. The data is use by the stores to understand the buying patterns of the customer for its' stores. This allows the store to know what to order to meet the demand of its customers. Safeway also has a weekly newspaper ad that is delivery to every housing resident.

These ad places weekly sales items and their 2 for 1 deals that brings customers to its store.

Safeway management see that the diluted workforce with it newly un-experience employees as a weakness for the store. This is because the new employees are still in training and are unable to fully serve its customers. This leads to frustrate customer and lower level of customer service. If the customer is unhappy with the service they can take their business to other competing supermarkets near by. Even though management sees the new diluted workforce as a weakness for the store; they also realize it can be an opportunity in the long run. This is because the newly hire employees are willing to learn. This means that management can cross train them in other areas of the supermarket to be a more efficient workforce. Compare to now...

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