What's the Bottom Line to a Healthier Lifestyle?

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What's the Bottom Line to a Healthier Lifestyle?

The danger posed by lack of attention to employees' physical health has been the focus of the Michigan Surgeon General since the appointment of the office has shed light on a serious problem. Michigan's own governor has also addressed important issues contained in the report from the Surgeon General that affect long-term health that will ensure the workforce remains productive. "The Surgeon Generals report will pave the way for our future health initiatives in Michigan and ultimately create a Healthier Michigan," said Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, addressing important issues in the Surgeon General's report regarding Michigan's workforce state of health (www.michigan.gov, 2005).

Concerning Michigan's workforces' health, it has much room for improvement. The 133-page report published by the Michigan Surgeon General will serve as the foundation of the state's efforts to improve the well-being of the people of Michigan". The report will herald for Michigan, "which ranks the third worst among the states for rate of obesity and has been among the ten heaviest states for the past 14 years.

Additionally, more than 62 percent of adults in Michigan are considered either overweight or obese, and a majority of high school students and adults indicated that they were trying to lose or maintain weight" (www.michigan.gov, 2005).

The objective of instituting an employee wellness program "would contribute to the overall health and well-being of your employees, their families and the community, and better contain your company's health care costs, while protecting your greatest asset - your employees" (www.health.state.ny.us/nysdoh/healthy/move.html). The benefits range from reducing health care costs, illness and injuries reduction, to improving employee relations and morale. The benefits for employees may include weight reduction, reducing stress and improving physical function. In creating a plan and framework for a workplace wellness program, company...

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