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Russia The Russian Federation occupies an area of seventeen million square kilometers, nearly twice the size of the United States. Then population of Russia totals over 148 million people and who represent over one-hundred nationalities and ethnic groups. Russia has part of its roots in European culture where the ideas of goodness, honor and freedom are understood. There are four arbitrary periods in Russia?s history. The Kievan and Appanage Period which was from 860-1698, during this time there was the House of Runk. This was the period in Russia?s history when Kievan Russian Empire was destroyed by the Mongol-Talars and the rise3 of Moscovy to recentralize the demolished empire. The Imperial Period which was from 1698-1917 was the House of Romanov. Peter?s Westernization of Russia culminated in the destruction of the autocracy by the Socialists Revolution of 1917. The Soviet Period began in 1917 and ended in 1991. The communist party maintained the Empire as the Union of Soviet Republic better known as the USSR.

The USSR fell in 1991 and dissolved onto 15 nations. The Post-Soviet Period was from 1991 and still going. With the disintegration of the USSR in December 1991 Russia has set out on a new road to democracy and a market economy.

Russia is predominately Russian Orthodox. Judaism is also practiced in Russia. People who are Jewish speak Russian-Yiddish and almost everyone speaks Russian. Russian is a Slavic language and much easier to learns then other languages. Russian Orthodox is the largest autocephalous or ecclesiastically independent in the Eastern Orthodox Church in the world. The membership is 40-80 million people. Russian ethnicity, culture and nationalism are identified with Russian Orthodox, the state religion in Russia for almost a thousand years. In every ethnic Russian there is an Orthodox heritage. It can emerge when least...

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