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Roy Keane is the heart and soul of the world's greatest football club, Manchester United (Man Utd). On the field he is a born leader with a fiery temper, adored and worshipped by fans, feared and envied by rivals. It has been said of Roy that he is one of the most influential players of his generation, setting football standards by which others measure themselves. But as with so many things in life that are worth having, such success was the product of many years of dedicated training, self belief, intelligence and the highest level of motivation and integrity; traits that are common amongst all successful professional people. Roy can be classified as a task-orientated leader. He always knows what the task at hand is and is straight to the point while leading his 'troops' out on the football pitch. He has a very low tolerance for sluggish play and through his fiery temper will shout out his thoughts without hesitance on the football field.

He is the type of player that will try anything and everything in order for his team to gain success and so commands respect from every single one of his teammates. This is shown in his no-nonsense style of play, and his brutal tackling approach. This method instills fear into his opponents and so through his constant threat, he gets the opposition to commit incompetent mistakes. This also helps act as huge motivation for his team; knowing that the opposition fears them helps Man Utd finish off their opponents more prolifically. That is why they have become one of the most feared clubs to play against during the last decade and a half. People actually consider him to be Sir Alex Ferguson (current Man Utd manager/boss) in disguise. He has the same passion,

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