A Rose For Emily And Feather Pillow Comparison

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Rose for Emily and Feather Pillow Essay The stories Rose for Emily and Feather Pillow have a lot of things in common but also have some differences. Rose for Emily starts off early in Emily's life and all through her life she runs through trouble with men. Her first and only relationship was with a guy, that was not the marrying type. She didn't want to lose him so she poisoned him so they would never part. In the story Feather Pillow a husbin and wife are having problems. The wife Alicia, gets really sick and the doctors don't now why. The wife ends up dying from ticks that sucked the life out of her.

The stories have a number of similarities. Both stories have a part where the female role dies. Alicia and Emily both died and have gotten sick. Both women were depressed in there life. Also another big similiartie is that both characters died with a mysterious vibe.

The writing styles also share a lot in common. Both stories were written in the same era. They both share a gothic and mystery influence with a suprise ending. These stories would both be thought as a urban legend. Both stories use a narrator as the third person point of view. But the stories also share very different things also The differences between the stories, has a wide variety. In the stories, Emily dies of old age and Alicia dies from a tick. Emily is single but yet Alicia is married. Emily is

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