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Robert's dream begins with him walking through a palm grove. The animals, which fancied his imagination, were all round him. To his surprise they would listen to his every command. This world of wonder was so amazing yet so undeserved to Robert. Amazing because it was everything he ever wanted. Undeserved because he was only a missionary and did not feel as though he deserved it. The first conflict is an inner conflict of Robert. He is torn between two worlds that he loves, but he knows the only one can be his. This is evident in his dream when he realizes that he is a missionary and is not worthy of such an amazing world.

The second conflict is external between Mr. Bradley and Robert. Robert finds Bradley sleeping with a Hindu woman who is not his wife. Being a missionary, this was extremely unacceptable to Bradley. Robert can't decide whether or not to confront Bradley about the woman.

He turns to the New Testament for advice. After reading for hours with no avail he gives up and decides to confront him. When confronted Bradley gets angry and tells Robert that he is no longer welcome in his house. I believe that Robert partially felt that he must confront Bradley because he is in love with a Hindu woman.

The final conflict comes when Robert thinks he found Nassia and follows her back to the hut. At the hut a figure emerges and to Robert it seems as if there are two Naissa's. He has mistaken Naissa's little sister for her. It's obvious that Robert has fallen in love with her looks and not with her. He now comes to realize that he must choose between the two. Robert's love was split between them and he did not know which one he loved. This made Robert seem cheated and lost. In a way he just did the same thing as Bradley when he slept with the Hindu woman who was not his wife. This cam be seen at end of the story where it says, "we will disagree about a good many things but then we will see eye to eye." Robert and Bradley disagreed about many things throughout the story but by the end of the story they both had made mistakes and realized they were alike.

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