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The structure and wording of this document provided easy reading and comprehension of the presented material. However this document seems to be overly simplified and biased towards the interests of the MDOT. The benefits of the alternatives to new bridge construction are not fairly represented in this document. Adverse effects are stressed more than benefits. Costs, appearances, and "user friendliness" of the bridge seem to be the main concern expressed by the MDOT and people of Lincolnville. Actual impacts on this very unique Maine River and the surrounding environment that nurture it are given little attention. No considerations to long-term impacts or potential unforeseen impacts are given in this document.

The phrase "˜best management practices' makes several appearances in this document. These practices are never defined. The ways in which the MDOT plans to implement these practices are not present in this document either. What are these practices? How is the MDOT going to comply with these practices? How do we know that the MDOT is going to actually performing these practices? In Conclusion, what is really taking precedence in this document? The environmental consequences inflicted on a river and its surrounding environment by the construction of a new bridge, or the best looking, easiest to build structure that does not force Maine residence to dig deep into their pockets?

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