The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Can machines possess human intelligence? Ever since the invention of computers and the conception of artificial intelligence, this topic has been a subject of heated discussion among computer scientists. Machines already have the capability to reason, play games such as chess, or even give simple psychological therapies as described in Carl Sagan¡¯s ¡°In Defense of Robots¡± (260, 261). Yet, such artificial intelligence is still too simple or too limited to be able to engage in a sophisticated conversation with a person. However, as the artificial intelligence technology advances, there will be computers than can think and reason just like humans. Neil Frude, author of ¡°The Intimate Machine,¡± believes that in near future, computers will be able to converse intelligently with humans while learning new words and phrases (270). Just as a person¡¯s mind is a collection of memories and experiences, a machine¡¯s mind can learn and store vast amount of information that will enable it to mimic human logic, reasoning, and behavior.

Artificial intelligence will match human intelligence, maybe even surpass it, in the not-so-distant future. Nevertheless, no matter how perfect artificial intelligence becomes, machines will never be humans, for they lack the soul of human being, the emotions and morals that govern a person¡¯s actions even more than logic.

Artificial Intelligence. Many people dismiss the idea of machines that are as intelligent as a human being as a science fiction fantasy, but even though many people do not realize it, artificial intelligence is already existent in the midst of the today¡¯s society. Personal computers, chips in a car that controls the engine and the transmissions, the ABS system that controls a car¡¯s brakes and electronic flight assistance computers that enable a pilot to fly a jumbo jet with ease are all examples...

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