The Rise And Fall Of Julious Caesar

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1 The Rise of Julius Caesar "Whatever one may think of Caesar as a politician and a historical figure, he was clearly one of the most gifted human beings who ever walked the face of the earth". (Dupuy 2) Julius Caesar had gone from banishment from Rome to a Dictatorship over Rome. His rise was remarkable and his fall was tragic.

The year was 75B.C. And local pirates had just captured Caesar. As it seems Caesar had formed some sort of a friendship with his kidnappers and one night Caesar said in a joking tone "when I get free Im going to come back and crucify every last one of you". Well after the pirates received their silver ransom and Caesar was let free he held a small group of troops to the pirates hide out and wouldn't you know it crucified every last one of them. (Grant 5) That same year more misfortune would follow Caesar.

Sulla was the current dictator after years of civil war and he was killing everyone that was allies of his opposition in the war, witch is exactly what Caesar was. So when Caesar was called from the temple of Jupiter where he served as priest he thought for sure that he would be murdered. All that Sulla wanted was for Caesar to leave his wife because she was the daughter of Sulla's former rival. But Caesar would not. So Caesar fled Rome with his wife. Soon after Sulla sent troops out to capture Caesar and bring him before the Dictator. The troops found him. Sulla spared his life and vanquished Caesar from Rome but this would not last for long. (Dupuy 4) Three years later Sulla died and Caesar came back. After three years of banishment he returned to become a lawyer.

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