Ringwood Manor, New Jersey

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The history of New Jersey goes back to Dutch and Swedish communities established prior to settlement by the English. Ownership of lands between the Hudson and the northernmost point of the Delaware was granted to Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret. The original grants to Berkeley and Carteret divided the region in two. The split was further defined in the Quintipartite Deed of 1676, which divided the area into East and West Jersey. East Jersey was held by Carteret. In 1681 William Penn and 11 other Quakers purchased East Jersey from Carteret's widow. New Jersey's independence from New York was recognized, but authority was given to the governor of New York until 1738, when Lewis Morris was appointed governor of New Jersey.

At the U.S. Constitutional Convention in 1787, the delegates from New Jersey represented the cause of the smaller states and carried the plan for equal representation in the Senate.

New Jersey was the third state to approve (Dec., 1787) the Constitution of the United States. In 1976 the state legalized casino gambling and in 1978 the first casino opened in Atlantic City. New Jersey grew to include Giants Stadium, home of the New York Giants and Brendan Byrne Arena, which hosts professional basketball and other special events.

The ghost story I chose to write about is in Passaic County, in Northern New Jersey. It is about an antique manor, Ringwood Manor, which even to this day is haunted. It is said that the owner, General Erskine, a cartographer for the Revolutionary War, passed away and was buried beside a small pond behind his house, along with nameless French captives. Those who have explored the place say that they can hear faint screams from a housemaid that was beaten to death in a corridor. It is suggested...

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