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Today we have many laws that say murder is wrong. In some trivial cases it is clear that the act of killing was somewhat justified. A good half a century to one century ago, when you killed someone no cop or court could help you for what was about to become of you. They usually in every case they lynch mobbed you and also made you suffer for the life that you have taken. When George had the chance to end Lennie's life in a manner that he would have been able to go peacefully, he did. Lennie did not have enough knowledge and the capacity to comprehend that he did something that George could not have gotten him out of. George had the chance to end Lennie's life peacefully and did take it. George took into consideration that his decision would have consequences, whether he did not kill Lennie or if he did.

Lennie had taken a life, the life of Curley's wife, and it was only right that George ended his best friends life peacefully.

George was a friend, a friend that helped Lennie out of his troubles in Weed, "Lennie has a desire to touch pretty things, like the girl's dress in the town of Weed were they ran out of" (Ex. pg 4.) Lennie has this fondness of pretty things as does trouble to him. This was only foreshadowing the event that Lennie kills Curley's wife. George helped Lennie out in Weed but could not do the same on the new farm. George killing Lennie was out the kindness of his heart, George decided that he killed rather then letting Curley shoot him in the gut which would have been a painful death. How George killed Lennie, Slim killed Candy's dog. "Slim took the dog into the back barn and shot him in the back of the head" (Ex. Pg41.) Slim did not like to see his dog continue his life that was coming to an end in pain, so he allowed Slim to kill him. George did the same, Curley promised that he would shoot Lennie in the gut, that is not any easy way to die, and instead of letting his friend's dim life end with massacre he ended it in peace. George even told him about their dream farm with bunnies before the finale. That was comforting to Lennie and truly killing your friend without pain is the right thing to do.

George did right by ending his friends life peacefully. Lennie was in no equitable state to run off on his own, George knew this when he made his final decision and chose the right choice. By doing the killing he chose not to let his friend down. If anyone was in this position they would have done the same. The choice was painful, yet it had to be. There is a thin line that separated the decision and that was compassion. If you take someone into your guardianship you have the responsibility to guide, guard and care for that person. That is a responsibility we take as friends, family and parents. Today we can say it was wrong, but imagine, your friend is about to be killed, would you do the same thing?

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