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A critical review of the Questionnaire process, values and issues

There are many forms of research methods implemented for the purpose of gaining information, collecting data, and finding out peoples thoughts and opinions on specific topics. One such method is that of the questionnaire or survey. Questionnaires are a proven way of collecting accurate data from a potentially large number of respondents, or a select few if required. Questionnaires are in the question and answer format, where selected questions and prompters are devised and placed on paper, and in response the required respondents can then state their answers and thoughts on the survey. Although the idea of constructing a questionnaire may at first glance appear to be quite simple and straight forward, there are several factors and issues that need to be considered before the completion and distribution of the survey.

The process of devising and distributing a questionnaire requires thoughtful and meticulous planning.

There are also various stages that need to be addressed and considered in order to achieve the optimum results in terms of research from the questionnaire. The first stage in the process is defining the aims and objectives of the questionnaire. The importance of having clear aims defined cannot be over-emphasized, by asking useless questions or by having a questionnaire that lacks flow may result in the subject losing interest, and subsequently provide sub-standard or untrue answers. By defining precisely what is required or expected from carrying out a questionnaire one can devise suitable and relevant questions. When choosing the questions that will be incorporated in a questionnaire it is important to remember that her are various types of questions. Also the number of questions asked is an important factor to consider, too many questions could again result in the subject losing interest, however...

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