Religions of Ancient Egypt compared to todays Chrisianity

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Ancient Egypt had developed thousands of years before the rise of Christianity; leading to strong differences between their chief beliefs, but maintaining similar moral rules to live your life. The idea of supreme beings and life after death are the other chief beliefs of a religion . Life after death plays a strong role in both religions; the Egyptians prepared themselves with all the amenities needed for the resurrection into the next life, while Christians live their life for passage into Heaven. Although the idea of the afterlife differ, the morals for living to gain access to the afterlife do not differ. The major difference between these two belief systems is the idea of the supreme beings. Christianity holds close to the idea of one God, while ancient Egyptians worshipped many different Gods.

People have always looked to religion for answers to life's difficult questions such as the after life.

In the story of Osiris, the dead went to the Other World; however, once in the Other World it was possible to be resurrected back to life. The idea of an afterlife is much different from that of Christianity. Christians believe in a more permanent death than ancient Egypt. Once dead, a person is sent for eternity into either Heaven or Hell, depending on their actions in life. In Egypt, all people went to the Other World after death. In each case, however, a persons actions and morals while alive had some impact on their afterlife.

Religions give their followers morals on how to live their lives in order to obtain a good life after death. These morals are similar in both ancient Egypt and today's Christianity, with only some slight differences. Ancient Egypt stressed loyalty , pride, love, courage, and other positive characteristics. Like Egypt, Christianity...

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