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Religion Essay People come first, Christian moral teaching are firmly based on their principle. Using material from the unit Holocaust, in which I studied. I will discuss whether or not, this rule "people come first" has always been important. Me being a child of God, and of good moral christian belief, I am going to see how I can apply this principle of "people come first" But in perspective to my life. My view.

I firmly believe that people should come first. But although my opinion counts now, it wouldn't if I was living years ago, back during the holocaust.

The holocaust as we know was and invasion of all jews in an attempt to get rid of them, Kill them or make them work as slaves before they were shot. This whole corrupt scheme was done by a man known as Adolf Hitler. He was a very evil man who brainwashed people to thinking he was good, and that jews were bad.

The people did believe him and worshiped him, as he just became the most powerful person in those days. During the Holocaust the saying "People come first" was only significant towards the men who worked for Hitler, the ones who persecuted the jews., They came first before the jews of course, but nothing close to their master Hitler. I feel he came first because any and everything he said goes, and his every need was met. But yet the saying would have to be changed to "Hitler comes first" because he definitely did. The jewish men, women,& children in the camp were all basically treated the same. Like they were the scum of the earth and didn't deserve to live. Well thats at least what the guards and workers of Hitler believed, they thought...

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