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Religion Not only is gossip hurtful, it is a sin. I do not think that there are any obstacles that I will have to overcome to take a stand. If my friends are gossiping I am not afraid to tell them to stop. By acting on the truth, our class would become more honest and respectful.

I try to avoid people who gossip and situations where gossip would be a temptation. This is when I am most likely to be tempted to join in. I want to be liked by my classmates and friends. By not gossiping or spreading rumors, I will become a more sincere friend.

By recognizing situations where I am being manipulated, I do not allow the media to determine my self worth. Also, I do not allow the actions of others on television or in magazines to affect my decisions on how to live my life.

But, in all honesty, I do enjoy reading about the latest trends and watching my favorite characters on television dressed in the latest styles.

For the most part, the media reports the truth. Although the media may not always provide accurate information, I am mature enough to know what is right and wrong.

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