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There are scientific studies that have proven that stress disrupts certain functions of the body. It has been shown that the immune system is affected, but health professionals and psychologists want to know if fertility levels are affected as well. It is well known that stress is bad for an unborn child. Some are now wondering if a reduction in stress levels can help improve fertility and the health of a fetus. Because infertility in itself can be stressful for a woman trying to get pregnant, support groups and relaxation techniques may play an important part in helping her cope. Some women blame themselves, as if infertility were their own fault. This causes them even more stress and an altogether negative attitude. Women need to be able to vent their frustrations with others who have the same difficulties, so that she knows she's not alone. This can help reduce stress, which makes the body healthier and perhaps more fertile.

It is important for women to not get their hopes up. If they go though the therapy and still do not become pregnant, they may give up altogether. Most importantly, it's a good idea to keep a positive attitude, and to know that relaxation therapy is not a cure for infertility; it's simply a means of making the body healthier for conception.

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