Recently, I was asked if I believe that the violence

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Recently, I was asked if I believe that the violence children and youth see on television and in video games is causing them to show violence towards others. The question really made me think, is there a problem with our TV programs, or is it caused by the society in which we live, or if there could be other reasons.

I believe that violence on TV influences people to be violent in real life if they weren't taught not to be violent. If the person was taught at a young age not to be violent, I believe it would make a difference and more than likely, they wouldn't be violent towards others.

Although, if they were taught to be violent, it wouldn't matter if they saw it on TV or not, because they would be violent anyway as following the actions they were taught. Even though some people were taught not to be violent and still are, proves that you have to keep on the child to not be violent, otherwise it could turn around and they'd become violent.

TV might influence children and youth to be violent, but that doesn't mean they are going to go out and be violent. If you spend time with your child and taught them the difference between right and wrong and are encouraging them for doing positive things, more than likely, your child won't be violent. On the other hand, if you never spend any quality time with your child and ignore them, yes, they will be violent, but only to get your attention.

I don't believe it comes down to the TV or the TV programs fault when children and youth act out. Ultimately it turns out to be the parents' fault for not taking the time to get to know their child and be aware of the warning signs. Even if your child does become violent, you can stop it if you pay enough attention to them. In the end, you'll find that children and youth only act out to make up for the attention they don't get at home.

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