Real Identity of Shakespeare. (Possibly Christopher Marlowe?)

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"To be or not to be." Did Shakespeare really write these words? One would think so, but did he? Studies within the past one hundred and twenty years have suggested otherwise. Is it possible that some of Shakespeare's greatest works were not actually Shakespearian but written by Christopher Marlowe? Not only is it plausible, it is factual.

Marlowe, Born in 1564, was born in the cathedral town of Canterburry. He was educated at Cambridge on a scholarship given to people preparing for the ministry. Marlowe's life was surrounded in mystery, it is possible he was not only an author, but a spy. The issue that is most surrounded in mystery is what did he write and what did Shakespeare write. Marlowe has been a strong contender for the authorship some of Shakespeare's works. The notion was first suggested by Queen Elizabeth during the wake of the Essex Rebellion, when she singled him out as the author of Richard II .

Two centuries later, scholars began to suspect something was peculiar when they noticed that Marlowe's works supply the early works of Shakespeare, so it was suggested, anonymously, that Marlowe might have been William's nom de plume (pen name.) This was eventually cleared up though.

Not only was it cleared up but it was reversed. This theory was thought up by an American literary detective, Wilbur Gleason Zeigler. He first suggested that Marlowe created the name William Shakespeare as his own pen name or nom de plume and faked his death to avoid facing pending capital charges. Marlovians suggest that if the actor had been suspected as Author of these works, he'd have paid for it with his life, given the horribly suppressive conditions of the time, which arrested, tortured, maimed and murdered writers, while banning and burning their...

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