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Reading for Pleasure Reading, to me, is one of the central pleasures of life. When a person reads, he or she is simultaneously gaining knowledge and escaping into another world. Anything and everything a person wants to learn about or is interested in can be found in a book. In today's world with technology being as advanced as it is, there are on-line books (e-books) and audio books so that anyone can stay active in their busy world and still have time for reading. In my opinion, reading offers something for everyone: knowledge, ideas, and pleasure.

When someone is reading for information, they are reading in a much different way, than when they are reading for pleasure. Reading for information requires much more strict guidelines as far as a persons retention of the material he or she is reading. In my personal experience, discipline is needed when reading for information.

Letting ones mind wander completely into the story doesn't necessarily mean he or she is retaining what they are reading. This is my least favorite type of reading because it seems like a chore. Training oneself to read for information is necessary to become a serious reader.

Scanning various magazine articles for ideas is another way to read. Who hasn't stood in line at the grocery store and flipped through the different magazines looking for ideas for a new cake to bake, a new craft to try, or a new diet with which to torture ones self? Without committing to a purchase or materials to read, a person can gain a lot of valuable new ideas and refresh their imagination by quickly looking at magazine articles covering everything from what superstar is sleeping with an alien and which vegetables will keep those wrinkles at bay.

Reading for pleasure, though, is...

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