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Is Email the Future of the Family Feud?

"In the article "E-mail: The Future of the Family Feud.", the author, Candy Schulman, believes "modern technology is affecting human relationships."(509) She believes that technology, E-mail specifically, is destroying human relation ships. She tries numerous times to convince the reader she is credible, but falls short many times.

The author does not use the elements of argument well enough to make her argument convincing. While her claim may be presented clearly, her evidence, warrants, and her overall credibility is lacking in this paper.

The author of the paper does not really have many slang terms that need to be defined. Her opinions do not rely on her definitions, but on a personal experience. I think that this is her strongest use of the "Elements of Argument."

Schulman believes that e-mail is contributing to family arguments, but arguments are a part of life and can hardly be avoided.

Arguments can happen on the phone, in person, and even, as happened in this paper, in e-mail. People are always going to fight. Although this was only her first fight with "Q2000," it does not give enough proof that it is a direct incident of e-mail.

Although I think her point is presented clearly enough, she throws out a lot of her credibility by claiming she is a "technophobe" that "views computers with trepidation." (509) I believe that someone has to have a grip on the subject matter to formulate a good opinion, especially one that claims email is destroying family relationships.

Ratajesak 2

The writer continues by revealing her profession as an English Professor (510). I think she incorporates this to give herself some sort of credibility. As the reader hears "Professor" one automatically thinks that person is knowledgeable about...

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