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Lab Assignment # 3: Reaction Time Can be a measure of the speed of neural transmission and the cognitive complexity of tasks.

In this lab report I found the simple reaction time for shoulder to be 0.4 seconds. The simple reaction time for the ankle was .53 seconds. The discrimination reaction time was .53 seconds, and the choice reaction time was .59.

1.) I think that the different reaction times did show the expected pattern, because there were differences in time it took each reaction to take place. The discrimination reaction time took .53 seconds and the simple reaction time took .4 seconds, because of the very slight variation being that you used two hands instead one there was just enough complexity to make it take any longer. The choice reaction time was a lot more complex therefore it took a longer at .59 seconds, than the simple and discrimination reaction times.

2.) I think the reaction times did show the expected patterns.

3.) I think that we had to keep our eyes close so that we could concentrate on what was going on better and if we had our eyes open it would be a lot easier to change the results. I believe the results would have been a lot faster if we keep our eyes open cause we could see what shoulder to squeezed instead of thinking about which shoulder should be squeezed.

4.) I found that reacting to an ankle squeezed took .13 seconds longer than an shoulder squeezed and it also happen to be the same time it took discrimination shoulder reaction time did.

5.) I did not subjectively feel as if the transmission of the sensory and motor information was taking that noticeable time, I thought as if as soon as I passed on the shoulder squeeze we all done like an instantaneous process.

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