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Staci Redmond Expository Writing Essay #2 Racy Labels I'm sure you Have all seen those six to ten year old children with the phrase PornStar, ManTrap, or even Wal-Mart's version Too Hot To Handle printed across the front of there tee shirts in bold lettering. Many Parents probably have to fight with there children not to wear them to family events just in case Grandma blacks out at the sight! The first question that comes to my mind is what happened to Mickey Mouse and the Gang? How could any parent in the right mind let there child out wearing that? This new craze of fashion has many mixed reactions.

Many kids wear this type of clothing to be cool and fit in, They probably wouldn't pick the shirt out in the store if others weren't wearing them too. I question the fact do there parents even know or actually care? Many kids are influenced by there friends if there friends wore Looney Toons shirts they would to.

I feel that by wearing these types of "risky labels" it could send wrong or even dangerous messages to others around. What if a petifile walking down the street spots a child wearing a tee shirt saying ManTrap on the front what type of signal would a person in that state of mind be thinking. I question the fact whether or not the wearer of this type of clothing even knows the true meaning of what he or she is advertising. I feel parents should know what there child is wearing and they should be concerned what they wear to school. If a child is wearing an offensive tee shirt in public it reflects back on the parents to. As a parent I would not allow my children to go out wearing such clothes.

Another line of clothing put out by the designers of Porn Star for the younger generation is Starlette. I agree with this type its inoffensive yet still trendy for children the child can still fit in. Starlette sends no risky message at all. Many kids wear risky labels for the "shock value" or others reactions they like to grab attention to themselves. Some even like to wear such clothing to upset there parents. Even though most kids know it's a joke to wear these shirts parents should talk to them and let them know its not healthy and it could send an unsafe message to others. I wonder what kind of company would make such a line for young teens? Like most things in life its for the money. The Porn Star industry sees there line of fashion as humorous, they say they are cleaver because they made a multi million dollar company out of there inside joke. I feel that these kids are too young to advertise there little inside joke. I feel that the company took advantage of children they knew kids would think that this type of sick humor was cool and that's why they advertised it for the younger generation. How many moms and dads do you know that would go out wearing Porn Star tee shirts? If they did then kids wouldn't wear them. I think it's a shame what some companies do for a profit especially sinking as low as taking advantage of children.

Like all fashion trends this line will fade out and a new controversial line will come in. For example in the early nineties when the Coed Naked tee shirts were very popular this got so ridiculous most schools banned such shirts. Each shirt had a different phrase on the back it would depend on which way the reader took it all phrases had a hidden dirty message. Companies know who they can lure in and make the most sales from. Don't let your child be a "shock" to society.

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