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Jack Lawler entry at the R. B. Richardson Corp. was implementing the process consultaion and using the two of the four principles of collecting the data by interviews and observation. He touched on some of the Schein's ten principals of the course of action of the consultants. He and two of his graduate student were collecting the data on the current situation of the workforce. They were intermingling with all the levels of the organization and collecting their notes on workers' beliefs, attitudes and passions. Jack Lawler did not have a full cooperation with the plant manager Joe Bamford, for which he should've asked from the start. Joe did not know the true why Jack is conducting the interviews with his employees, he was told by Jack it is for the school research. I think that all employees should have been told of Jack's intention and his role. Also, some of the meeting should have been done on neutral ground with the full participation of the owner, R.

B. Richardson. If he had asked for that, he might have gotten more feedback from his customers.


I would use the "force-filed analysis" to show to the owner that change of management and work environment is necessary. By doing that I would make the list that is for the change and the other one that is against it. I would organize data on into two groups, one, employee's feedback and perception, and second, Jacks' observation and his overall company analysis and the future look. Also, I would prioritize the feedbacks based on the relevance of job safety and job satisfaction.


Additionally, I would like Jack to conduct an interview on neutral ground with the owner and his believes. Asked him if he is ready or willing to make a drastically changes that would involve significant expenditures. Also, if Ben's and Richard's only problem was the plant manager, Jack was not needed.

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