Questionnaire 1.         Thank you for taking time out to speak

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Questionnaire 1. Thank you for taking time out to speak with me.

2. How many years has Safeway been situated in Solihull? 3. Could you please describe shortly what Safeway does? I know that most people are aware of it, but it would be useful to have a definitive statement.

4. Have there been any major changes in Safeway's operations over the last few years? 5. What is your current objective for the store in the medium to long term, say 3 - 10 years? 6. What will you need to do in the short-term to accomplish this? 7. What would you say your biggest problem is? 8. I believe there used to be a system in place at Safeway called the 'ABC' system where the customer would receive points according to the amount you spent in the store. I understand that this was replaced with the current 'loss-leader' system about two years ago.

Do you have a comparison of profits or turnover made with the ABC system compared to the current promotional deals? 9. Have you found that some loss-leaders work better than others.

10. Would you have any problem with me basing my project in that area? 11. This is all just for my A level project. It will only be seen by my teacher and the examiner. Is there going to be any type of information that you will not be able to let me have because it is sensitive and you would be worried about it getting out to a third party? As I say, there is no real reason why anything should get out to anyone else! 12. Thanks again for seeing me and for letting me do my project here.

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