The Queen Of Spades

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Pushkin "The Queen of Spades" Alexander Pushkin's "The Queen of Spades" manipulates the readers' expectations in many ways throughout the story. What is expected to be a typical "˜happily ever after' story is not what it seems at all. The outcome of the character is nothing like what was expected.

"The Queen of Spades" begins at the end of a card game. As the gentlemen reflect on their wins and loses Tomsky tells a story about his grandmother, the Countess. He tells the guys that the Countess has the ability to play three cards and always guess the right ones. Everyone thinks it's a lie but Tomsky swears it's true. This story intrigues Hermann, an engineer, who is not a gambler because he doesn't have the means to gamble. His father is very wealthy and left Hermann a great deal of money, but Hermann feels the need to prove his own independence and decides not to use his father's money.

As the story continues the Lisaveta is introduced. She is the Countess' maid that hates her life. Lisaveta is willing to do anything to get out of her current situation. Hermann wants to be wealthy though and thinks a great deal about the story that Tomsky tells him. He devises a plan to make the Countess tell him the secret of the three cards. He decides to pursue Lisaveta in hopes to get close to the Countess. He sends Lisaveta letters that he copies out of German novels. At first Lisaveta is very skeptical about Hermann's intentions and tries to discourage him from sending her any more letters. Hermann is not easily discouraged because his love for money drives him to pursue her even more.

Lisaveta finally decides to let herself be wooed...

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