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Public Relations is the knowledge that relates to company's Public Relation policies and management, creating and managing company image by means of Press Release, advertising and company's presentations.

There are some benefits of PR; it can build a strong sense of corporate identity by promoting its good image to the public/outsiders, clear the misconceptions and prejudices from the public, promote the organization activities/services and products by using, for example, sales promotion. The other ones are attract and keep important/key personnel and also project a sense of social responsibility, for example, by giving donation.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of having a PR department. The advantages are the PR manager can understand the workings of the organizations, can easily establish internal lines of communications, and is on the spot to act quickly when there is a problem which requires his assistance. The disadvantages are a PR manager may be so close to the organization that he may be biased in reporting the activities of the organization and sometimes they don't have the necessary skills to conduct certain PR activities, therefore it is too expensive to keep an in-house PR department if we seldom use them.

One of the activities of a PR practitioner is featuring official openings of new premises-arrangements for guests, VIPs and press. In this opportunity, my boss has requested me to see to the opening of a branch of the Hypermarket in PekanBaru and to arrange the preparations using the allocated budget of approximately 50 millions and six - point planning model.

The six-point planning models are:

1. Problem analysis

2. Definition of objectives

3. Definition of Publics

4. Selection of media and techniques

5. Planning a budget

6. Evaluation of results


I. Introduction i-ii

II. Body

Problem Analysis 1

Definition of...

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