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Proverbs Have you ever guided the days of your life by a simple saying or by a single, brief statement? If so, you hav been relying on a certain proverb to help you guide you through your days. A proverb is a short pithy saying, phrase, or brief statement that offers advice, basic truth, and knowledge. Proverbs can help a person in making a resolute decision and help make these decisions be more explicit and to bring discernmen towards life and many other important things. It all started out with one proverb and as time went by, more and more sagacious proverbs were added as more and more people faced many different problems in their lives. One man who wrote many proverbs and later published them in a book was Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin was very famous for the publishment of his book, Poor Richard¡¯s Almanac. In this book, Franklin talked about the weather, fcts, and dates of when you should start planting/farming and the different phases of the moon, but it was most famous for its proverbs.

Franklin created a list of provers that would help improve a person¡¯s personality and help them do what is right which was a personal goal of Franklin¡¯s life. One of his famous proverbs are, ¡°Fish and friends smell in three days.¡± In this proverb, it means that, like fish, if friends are around too long, they will not be fresh no longer but start to get annoying and virulent. Another famous proverb by Franklin is, ¡°Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.¡¯ It¡¯s saying that truthfully only one person can keep a secret and that one person is the person withh the secret. They can really only keep it to themselves because even if the other person is your best friend, they still have the potential to tell the secrets to others. Another poverb that Franklin wrote that relates to this one, is ¡°If you would keep a secret from your enemy, tell it not to your friend.¡± Yet another proverb written by Franklin is, ¡®Never leave that till tomarrow, which you can do today.¡± This proverb is for all those lazy people that like to put things off to the last day. Te proverb says that you should not be lazy and put off things the next day when you can finish these things today and not have to put up with them tomarrow. These are just some examples of many proverbs that peope live by.

I, too, have proverbs that I live by. A proverb that best relates to me is, ¡°Do not judge a book by its cover.¡± Whether it¡¯s friends, places, or just a book, the proverb is addressing that you shouldn¡¯t judge these things and many other things by their appearances but by what it is inside. Most of the time I don¡¯t see what¡¯s ¡®inside¡¯ but glance at something and judge things just by the way they look or what i hear about them. Another proverb that is simliar to this one, but relating it to a friend is, ¡°A friend is someone who thinks your¡¯e a good egg even though youre slightly cracked.¡± In conclusion, you can observe that proverbs are morals of truth, advice, and knowledge that help a person to do what is right, make them a better person, and just help guide their way in their lives.

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