Protagonist Comparison of novels A tree grows in Brooklyn and Farewell to Manzanar

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Jeanne and Francie

The main characters of the novels' Farewell to Manzanar (FTM) and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (TGIB) have a large array of similar characteristics. Jeanne Watkatsuki and Francie Nolan the main protagonists of their own novels' are the same in a variety of ways. Firstly, both Jeanne and Francie go through a wide variety of hardships that help shape them as people. Throughout the novels' Betty Smith and Jeanne Watkatsuki Houston try to encourage a feeling that education is an extremely important factor in the two girls' lives. Jeanne and Francies' mothers are the backbones of their families'. In the novels, Katie Nolan and Mama Watkatsuki work as hard as they can to provide a decent life for their families. Both girls grow and mature throughout the duration of the novel and through education and hardship they discover the key to success.

The route to a mature life for the characters begins with the mothers.

Mothers Katie Nolan and Jeanne Watkatsuki work to death to give their children the necessities they need to survive and thrive. "Katie's a fighter, and Johnny's a dreamer" (- Narrator).

The husbands in the novel, both are huge parts in the development of their daughters' lives. However, the fathers both have drinking problems and they encounter what is a very tragic end. It is the fight of the mothers that Francie and Jeanne look up to for support and example. Mama Watkatsuki works extremely hard sewing and making clothes so that her children will not go on living cold. Katie works a majority of the day cleaning other people's houses. The little money that this brings is what provides the family with the basic necessities for life. Both women sacrifice their own lives to give their children the opportunity for a better...

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