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This project proposes to develop web application in Nguyen Van Cu Bookstore. With the Internet is becoming the world's largest communication, it has provided an environment where everyone can be online at any given time. Under this environment, Online Book Selling can be useful to sell books on the Internet. Customers can purchase or get all books' information without going through a bookstore.

This proposal includes planed research, its benefits, qualifications to conduct the research, and cost analysis. We are confident that we have ability to perform this web application - Online Book Selling --The completion date for this project will be December 21, 2004.

Project Description

Description of the Problem

Mac Dinh Chi Bookstore is one of the biggest bookstores in Ho Chi Minh City,

opened on October, 1995. Because of having many kinds of books, many

customers come to the bookstore everyday. Therefore, the management

becomes more complex.

According to our survey the bookstore, there are many disadvantages:

Checking the amount of books

Controlling customers

Losing customers because the bookstore is opened too late - 9:00 AM - and closed too early - 16:00 PM.

To overcome the disadvantages above, the bookstore should have a web application--Online Book Selling --so that the bookstore can manage books easily and supply customers' demand anywhere at any time.

Project Goal

This project is developed to help Mac Dinh Chi Bookstore improve many advantages (please see Description of the Problem above). In addition, it is also convenient for customers who want to buy books without wasting time.

With our available workforce and resources, we firmly believe that this project will be completed successfully and will achieve the following functions of both customers and administrators:

For customers:

Browse the book catalogue from a web browser anywhere that has internet access

o         Browse the...

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