Propaganda And World War 2

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During the early 1900's, there was a period of time in which people had different opinions and thoughts. The government censored many things that people were able to either see. Propaganda (the spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage on an opposing cause) played a major role in the First World War in which the government censored information through this. When President Woodrow Wilson created the Committee based on public Information, split into several different divisions, which were later called the Propagandist group. There was Demonization, Emotional Appeal, and Motivation. These shaped how people thought during World War I.

Demonization was a large part of domestic propaganda. Their main goal was to make the enemy look further than salvation. Which played a key role in order of destruction. Another aim was to keep complete the amount dead away from the people. The government had special bonds with the press, which censored disturbing information.

        Emotional Appeal was mainly to protect the people from any weapon or destruction that might result from it. The government would restrict popular literature, historical writings, motion pictures, and arts. Each side waged a propaganda war. There was often allied propaganda that played up Germanys invasion of Belgium as a "barbarous" act. British and French press circulated tales of atrocities, or horrible acts against innocent people. Some were made up, while others were just out of proportion versions of incidents.

Motivation was mainly applied to the American people through works of songs ("Any Bonds Today"), leaflets, pamphlets, and posters bearing slogans controlling the public opinion. Propaganda is one of the main forces behind successful military government. This also played a key role in controlling what was to be put in the newspapers and telegrams.

        Without the divisions of propaganda, then the war might have been...

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