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Prologue There once was a man who’s name was Steven, He played in a band called the Demons.

There was Steven, who played the guitar, His parents believed he never would go far.

He was the nicest person you would ever meet, But a normal job he could not keep Playing in the band was his enjoyment For he was not suitable for employment His parents started to hate his company He lived in their basement with no money Once he had a normal occupation Where he bussed tables at a truck station. .

He played in the garage all night long, Until he found a way to write a song.

He is the lead singer in his band, He loves to hold the microphone in his hand.

He had a girlfriend who loved him dear But making commitment was his only fear.

Day and night he dreamt of becoming big, Ever since he was a little kid.

He comes from Miami, as I understand Where he rides the waves as best as he can He was a guy with good intentions, His parents were ashamed of him did I mention For Steven was going nowhere in life For living at home was his only strife Steven’s tale Listen everybody as I say I’m going to tell a story I just may The story I’m going to tell is about me, And why I am on this train you will soon see.

I was twenty-eight and I was living, With my parents ever since my beginning I loved to write songs and play the guitar At age twenty-eight I didn’t have a car After graduation I did not go to school My parents were ashamed and called me a fool My hobbies were ridding the waves On Miami summers for days and days The guitar and band were my only friends I guess you could say they were my closest kin I always wanted to be famous and big But I was never able to get a gig Until one day I went to see A concert, with backstage passes that were free I gave the band a tape of my demo Right before they got in the limo I wrote my name and number on the tape But I thought maybe he trashed it without debate Until the next day when I received a call Saying to meet the band in the local mall I picked up the phone and called my friends And told them what he said to the very end So I went to the mall to meet this guy Who gave me an offer no one could deny He said, “I listened to the tape and your music, It sounds great there is no other way to put it” He wanted us to join him on the road We asked if his bus could hold that load We open at concerts for his band I was learning the business first hand My parents began to be so proud That in their house I no longer crowd I have not seen my parents since I left Between us has become a cleft Since I left it has been three years I can’t wait to see them on new year’s On new year’s I will be back in Miami to show everyone my new VMA Grammy It feels great to be going to my hometown And to see the crowd jumping up and down I am finally making it in this world And all my plans are coming unfurled This is the story of my struggle And how my life was such a juggle.

From this story you should learn something new, Its that anyone can be blink 182 So no matter how impossible it seems Anyone can accomplish his or her dreams.

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