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Process Paper Dating in the last couple of years has changed drastically. It is no longer the typical bar scene, buy has moved into the privacy of one's own home. Computer dating has taken over the dating scene like wildfire. I am able to bring the subject of computer dating to you because this is the way that I have met my current boyfriend.

To start your computer dating process you must have the access to a computer with a connection to the World Wide Web or otherwise known as the Internet. If you are unfamiliar with the Internet you will find many people and books out there to help you learn the basics of how the Internet works.

Once you log onto the Internet you will see a line at the top of your screen that has either the word browse or search after it. On this line you will type the word personals or dating service.

After you have entered the words a screen with matching websites on it will come up on your computer. You will want to check out several before you decide on which one is best for you. I would recommend for the ease of use to check out the Matchmakers' Website.

Once you have decided on a site that has what you are looking for you will start your dating experience. The next step will be to compose a personal profile for the site. When you are composing your personal profile you have to think of the best way to describe yourself to a stranger. What you enjoy doing and what type of person you are looking for are some of the items you would like to include in your profile. In this profile you would also take the time to...

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