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We have all passed the angry looking motorist on the side of the road frantically

dialing numbers on their cell phone. The majority of us have also been the angry

individual on the side of the road. Changing that flat tire is a lot quicker and easier than

most people realize. Aside from catastrophic engine failure, one of the major reasons for

a delay in travel is a flat tire. Instead of waiting for a buddy, or the tow truck, wouldn't it

be nice to know how to get on the road again? The first thing to do when you get a flat, is

not to panic. Just ease off the road onto the shoulder, but make sure it is a nice level spot,

with enough to room to work without endangering yourself from passing vehicles. If

driving an automatic, put in park, or in gear if driving a manual, and set the parking

brake. Locate your jack, lug wrench and spare tire and set them next to the tire you will

be changing. If your vehicle is equipped with a hubcap, remove it and set it withing arms

reach, as it will come in handy soon. Using your lug wrench, loosen, but don't remove

the lug nuts. Keeping them hand tight will prevent injury and damage if the jack fails

while jacking. Then, locate a suitable point to jack the vehicle, which is usually

reenforced section of the frame. Place the jack under that point and raise the vehicle only

as high as needed to pull the tire off of the axle. Not raising the vehicle high enough will

only cause more work, and raising it too high can be dangerous as the jack can collapse

from being over extended. Once the vehicle is at a suitable height,

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