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PROCEDURE I will test my hypothesis by simulating a lung. I will do this by using the steps below: Slightly pull individual cotton balls apart and fill up the glass jar with the cotton balls.

drill two quarter inch holes in the jar's lid.

Take three feet of tubing and cut to make a piece two feet long and one foot long.

Insert six inches of the two foot tubing into one of the holes in the jar's lid.

Insert one inch of the one foot long tubing into the other hole of the jar's lid.

Place lid on jar making sure that the longer piece of tubing touches the bottom of the jar.

Use silicon to make sure the holes are completely sealed with the tubing in it.

Attach vacuum pump to the two foot long tubing by using the duck tape to wrap around tube and vacuum attachment, making sure they are completely sealed.

Attach cigarette to the one foot tube using the duck tape to form a seal.

Turn on vacuum.

Light the end of the cigarette.

Allow cigarette to burn down to the filter.

Turn of vacuum and put out lit cigarette.

Remove the cigarette from the tubing.

Repeat steps nine through fourteen nine more times MATERIALS Glass quart jar with lid Three foot plastic tubing one quarter inch in diameter Duck tape Ten cigarettes One bag of cotton balls One vacuum with attachments One drill with quarter inch drill bit One tube of silicon RESEARCH Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis are two common lung diseases caused by smoking. Emphysema is a typical pattern seen in smokers. Smokers have a great number of neutrophils and macrophages in the lungs. Proteases are able to digest lung tissue and our responsibility for the damage seen emphysema. Smoke irritates the...

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