Preventing Global Warming

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Preventing Global Warming Iona Steen Global Warming (GW) has only recently been identified and recognised as a threat to the earth's environment. Identification is, however, only the first step in preventing GW, now a plan of action has to be decided. In reality there are three types of action that can be taken against GW: removing the Green House Gases (GHG) from the atmosphere, reducing the sources of GHG emissions, or replacing the sources of these gases with new non-environment impacting technology. In the words of Al Gore, "those who are seeking to delay the time at which we recognise the connection between the accumulation of GHG and global climate change are...wrong." The cause of GW is human activity, therefore so must be the remedy.

To find the remedy, the causes must first be analysed. The definition of GW is the earth's rise in temperature, caused by the accumulation of GHG (such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane) trapping heat from the sun, resulting in an overall increase in earth's temperature(1).

The as a result of human activity, GHG have increased since the industrial revolution.

Green House Gasses- Sources and Global Warming Potential Green House Gas (GHG) GW (Global Warming Potential (GWP) (2) Source of Green House Gas (3) Human activity leading to GHG emission Amount built up in the atmosphere (4) Carbon Dioxide 1 GWP - combustion of fossil fuels -decomposing waste - agriculture activity -Rice cultivation -Agricultural soils - burning of savannah -driving cars -using electricity - disposing of waste 100% Methane 20 GWP - raising of live- stock -fossil fuel combustion -landfills -organic and household waste decomposing - livestock burping - decomposing waste -Agriculture Enteric -Manure -Field burning of agricultural residues 25% or more Nitrous Oxide 270 GWP - combustion of solid waste or fossil fuels...

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