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With the President's Body The article With the President's Body is an article from American Heritage. This article consists of 3 people's "brushes with history". The purpose of the article is to inform readers of amazing encounters with history that people have gone through in their lifetime. This article catches a reader's interest in the very first paragraph. In this paragraph a person, who is a cardiologist at Bethesda Naval Hospital in the District of Columbia, speaks of his encounter with the lifeless body of former president John F.

Kennedy. The author of this entry achieved his purpose by clearly giving all the details from the day that he saw the president's body. The next entry was from a sonarman aboard the destroyer USS Waller. He talked of how he was a major factor in the prevention of a cold war in 1962. He spotted an enemy submarine, which was one of the six ships carrying military equipment to Cuba, in his sector and reported it to officials.

The ship was successfully turned back along with 5 others preventing a possible nuclear attack on the United States. The final entry in this article was written by a student at Iowa State University. He saw the original blueprint from the first made computer, the ABC.

The ABC was drawn up by Professor John V. Atanasoff and his graduate student Clifford Berry. This entry, along with the previous 2, was very comprehensive and gave all important information to fully understand the story.

This article brings many questions to my mind. I wonder how many studies were done on the corpse of JFK to find out the truth of his assassination before the body was buried? or was the body even buried? What would have happened if the sonarman had not noticed the contact on his radar and not deciphered, correctly, as a submarine? would Cuba had attacked the United States and other nations using nuclear weapons, if not stopped? The third entry makes me wonder just how long ago was the first ideas of a computer thought up. How technologically advanced would the world be today if Atanasoff and Berry had took action on creating the first computer when they first drew up the plans instead of waiting for a patent and court approval? This popular article is unique because there are few people who have encountered the same situations in which these lucky Americans have experienced. They are very original stories described in a very original article, in which I enjoyed reading.

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