Premarital Sex

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Premarital Sex Hum..... what do most people think about premaritalsex? If you ask me, I would say go for it. (hehehe) The bad things that I think about premarital sex is that if someone get pregnant before getting marry, most likely they will not be ready to have a child. They will either have to do an abortion and be a bad, crew, mean person or keep it and fuc* up you life.

I'm just now 18 years old and i know that I'm not ready for having a kid, I've have friends that is younger than me that has already have a baby girl. The girl and the guy both is my friend, seems to me like Jerry the guy is regretting everyday of his life.

Well..... actually Jerry never even knew that he had a baby in till the baby, name Trinhney was born. I bet if he knew about it ahead of time he would want Cindy to have an abortion.

I guess Cindy didn't want to tell Jerry because she wanted to keep the baby, but I can guarantee you know that Cindy would will she did go and get an abortion, later I'm going to write questions down for Cindy and Jerry.

After Cindy had a baby I think it really affectedher life, she don't go to the school that she use togo to anymore, she now goes to this school that has a lot of bad kids. Now everyday all se does is go to school and go to work and be home early to take care of her kid. She really does not have time to come out and hang out with us like back in the days. I still talk's to her once in a while and she tells me that she has not friend know, people that she use to talk to aren't really there for her anymore. Oh my,.. look how a baby have affected her life. " I really feels so sorry for her" As for Jerry, his life is not as poor as Cindy, that is because he don't really stays with Cindy so he don't really have to take care of the baby as much as Cindy. But Jerry will always know that he has a baby girl out there that he has to give child support to.

Jerry's daily routine is wake up, go to work and get off work, after work he can either go home or go kick it. So...... like I say.... I really, really, really feels sorry for my home girl Cindy! During the time when the baby just came out it kind of brought Cindy and Jerry back together (oh, did I ever mention that that they had broken up, well...

they did). The baby did got them back together for around a few months, but they always had arguement .

Hey Mr. Willie...? you want to know one thing.?...

Hung and Polly is actually the godmother and godfather of the baby. (lol) What I was talking about just now is true, I really have friends with baby. What I want to state is that premarital sex is good, I would say go for it, but be safe, and be careful. Don't let sex turn you life around. I just think that if you don't have sex in till your married, your marriage or relationship will be stronger.

From Chinese religious thinks that everyone only should have sex with the one person that you are married to, HEY!!!!! I'm Chinese, but what I think is that people should go out and enjoy life and have sex with at least more than on person. "Hey Mr. Willie....

how many have you've done......? (JUST KIDDING) Well... I just think life has to be enjoyed. Although you have a good life or bad life you should always try you best to have as much fun as you can ever get, cause life is not as long as you think it is "At least I don't think so" Don't think so much about everything, as your thinking .., your time is wasting!!!

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