Premarital Sex

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Premarital Sex Hum..... what do most people think about premaritalsex? If you ask me, I would say go for it. (hehehe) The bad things that I think about premarital sex is that if someone get pregnant before getting marry, most likely they will not be ready to have a child. They will either have to do an abortion and be a bad, crew, mean person or keep it and fuc* up you life.

I'm just now 18 years old and i know that I'm not ready for having a kid, I've have friends that is younger than me that has already have a baby girl. The girl and the guy both is my friend, seems to me like Jerry the guy is regretting everyday of his life.

Well..... actually Jerry never even knew that he had a baby in till the baby, name Trinhney was born. I bet if he knew about it ahead of time he would want Cindy to have an abortion.

I guess Cindy didn't want to tell Jerry because she wanted to keep the baby, but I can guarantee you know that Cindy would will she did go and get an abortion, later I'm going to write questions down for Cindy and Jerry.

After Cindy had a baby I think it really affectedher life, she don't go to the school that she use togo to anymore, she now goes to this school that has a lot of bad kids. Now everyday all se does is go to school and go to work and be home early to take care of her kid. She really does not have time to come out and hang out with us like back in the days. I still talk's to her once in a while and she tells me that...

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