Practicing the Important Skills of Communication in an Exclusive Interview With My Mother

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After my first two choices for interviews fell through due to miscommunication and no return answer I had to pick someone who would definitely do the interview without a doubt. Since I was going back home to Colorado for Christmas to visit my family my mom was the best candidate for the interview. I immediately called her from Hawaii to make an appointment to interview her because I know how extremely busy her schedule is. When I made that call she was both shocked and surprised that I would want to interview her. She thought this would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and at the same time I could find out about the real "Rosanna".

At first I was a little bummed out that I was not going to interview Jade Moon (KGMB Anchor), because I felt like I was letting myself down. This is a person that I had a lot of passion to interview and I wrote letter after letter with no response.

The only choice I had was to interview my mom. What was ironic about the situation is this was probably the best decision I could have made, I am glad that I decided to interview her because I learned a great deal from the hour long interview. After not living with my mom for almost three years her lifestyle has changed a great deal. This was a chance for us to reunite our relationship, which has been put on hold. It's funny how living apart from a parent can enhance a relationship and make it a stronger bond.

My mother and I first planned on having the interview on Christmas Eve because it was the only day we weren't busy. It seemed like everything was going as scheduled, until I...

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