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Public relations are one of the most powerful, yet often misunderstood avenues available for businesses to promote themselves. While most people think of it only as getting publicity, it includes much more. Public relation is a method of promotion related to an organization's overall promotional program. It is a communications effort, combined with other advertising/marketing material, designed to favorably influence others' attitudes or perceptions towards your organization or business. When used correctly, public relations can be as effective as advertising, yet costs much less. We can also say that public relation is the positive image-building component of an organization's communications function. A public relations strategy is designed to gain attention, win goodwill, build relationships, promote a consistent image, receive positive endorsements and/or reinforce a corporate message. It is important to use public relations when the company is taking actions that will affect special interest groups. Also, when an organization changes its message about product, service, management, or when there are changes in the company's corporate structure that may concern clients, investors, or the public.

Organizations need to use public relations to let the public know its point of view. Also, when a company changes its name, whether as a result of merging or to project another image, there is a need for public relations tactics to raise awareness and reinforce its new image in the community. Editorial can be many times more credible than advertising, a good reputation carefully cultivated by good public relations, can improve competitive edge, credibility, sales, recruitment, and relationships with partners and clients. The Internet can be a useful public relations tool if it is handled properly. If not, information may not be discovered for months, if ever. It will simply be stuck in cyberspace, unknown to its intended audience. Hal Pawluk warns against getting caught...

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