Power is essentially the ability to act or do, it

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Power is essentially the ability to act or do, it warrants a mechanical advantage, influence or authority. Both Brave New World and Animal Farm are dystopian novels in which a fundamentalist extremist society takes over. In such societies conformity is essential, consequently conformity and power are inextricably linked, thus power has an unavoidable shadow…struggle.

In both novels the society is born out of some form of anarchy or revolution. Brave New World is a result of a gruesome 9 year war similarly the newly formed society in Animal Farm is born from the worker revolution to eradicate Mr. Jones "The rebellion was achieved much earlier...". Both circumstances suggest a reactionary element to the entire society. Therefore it would be feasible to suggest that the entire society is a mere short term solution, this insinuates to the reader that the power is fragile and uprising is inevitable.

Both texts act as foreboding warnings to the reader.

Brave New World attempts to give a warning about the dangers of a totalitarian state, ultimately referring to globalisation and scientific advance "…"Brave New World may be read as a grave warning of pitfalls that awiat uncontrolled scientific advance" . The society in Brave New World is based upon a society in which reproduction is simply a scientific measure left to test tubes and sex is recreational. The hierachal class system is pre-determined and power lies with a very small number of people primarily; Mustapha Mond.

As readers we are aware that something is wrong in both societies, however the nature of what we know and most importantly how we know it differs in both texts. The obvious abuse of power is blatant in 'Animal Farm', whether as in 'Brave New World' there is a rather more complex and controversial debate over power.

This is because in 'Brave New World' with the exception of Bernard and the savage whom has not been brought up in this society, all the characters are supposedly happy; because of Soma. In my opinion Soma is unquestionably the root of the power in 'Brave New World'- it is a drug that keeps people happy. By this Huxley is forcing the reader to question happiness and whether you can be happy constantly and most importantly from an artificial source such as Soma. Bernard acts as the strand on doubt in the first section of the novel as he is not happy. Bernard is the struggle personified between power and happiness and raises the important question; Can we be truly happy if we have not experienced pain? Animal Farm's debate over power is considerably more straight forward, it has a fairytale quality, and unlike 'Brave New World' the reader can clearly see how the character's are being taken advantage of. "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others". This is the very essence of the novel. Orwell aimed to make a comment on communism; it is swapping one form of slavery for another referring to the overthrowing of the Tsarist government in favour for Communism. In comparison the debate of power in both texts are similar in one aspect and extremely different in another. For example, on the surface both texts simply lead he reader to the conclusion that Power being abused is wrong. However Brave New World is rather more controversial as it debates the needs of the individual and whether they are happier to be controlled. Whether as in 'Animal Farm' the reader is fully aware that what Napolean is doing blatantly taking advantage of the animals.

The language used by both Huxley and Orwell reflects the nature of the societies and their primary message to the reader. For example in Animal Farm the language used reflects the naïve quality of the simple characters "But they woke at dawn as usual, and suddenly remembering the glorious thing that had happened" This essentially succeeds in making the 'villains' in the novel seem rather more sinister. Therefore making their abuse power seem worse. The simple punctuation also adds to the affect of innocence and navity of the characters. This correlates with the style of the book, as characters are 2 dimensional and consequently seen as either bad or good. Whether as in Brave New World, both the language and punctuation is significantly more complex "Had she not already appeared in the Feelytone News - visibly, audibly…". This reflects the complex, mixture of thoughts and feelings in the novel.

The novel acts as a discursive essay and the complex language adds to this because it encourages the reader to think about the sinister and controversial nature of this society and essentially if the abuse of power is wrong. Despite both authors using very diction, their underlying messages are still presented clearly to the reader. Animal Farm "…he did not intend this almost 'child-like' style of writing to undermine the very serious message as to the consequences of the revolution" .Both authors present the message that these dystopian societies are wrong; however Animal Farm is rather more straight forward and this is reflected in the style of writing. 'Brave New World' alike is a dystopian society in which we are aware of the dark seedy abuse of power however the diction and style of writing reflects the controversial nature of Huxleys message.

Both novels reference to Power on one level is extremely obvious; be careful as it open to abuse. Both Huxley and Orwell use characters to portray this throughout their novels.

In 'Animal Farm' the character of Boxer is vital in getting this message across to the reader. Boxer is the results of 'Communism' and thus the abuse of power personified. Questionably the saddest part of the book where by Boxer is taken to the 'knackers' is extremely emotive and urges the reader to begin to despise those powerful figures of Animal Farm and essentially what they represent; The Communist regime. Boxer is depicted as a loyal, kind, hardworking and generally loveable animal "Boxer was the admiration of everyone" also his slogan "I will work harder!" I n my opinion that Boxer is a crucial part Orwell's message. Boxer's innocence and good nature emphasises the brutality of this society and ultimately the results of power in the wrong hands. Similarly in Brave New World the Savage highlights the flaws in this hierachal and lifeless society "But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want Sin" In this particular quote the Savage alienates the argument of 'people are happy here. Huxley uses the Savage as a mouth pieces to show the reader all the thing such a power mad society lacks and essentially what makes life what it is. Huxley and Orwell use their characters very differently, yet both have the desired affect. Boxer stirs up extremely strong feelings of hatred and resentment whether as the Savage forces the reader to decide that this society could never work and to contemplate what makes life what it is.

This is typical in the style of both authors and correlates with the aim of the both novels. Orwell wanted the reader to gain an insight in to the horrors of Communism and to resent the entire regime whether as Huxleys message is slightly more complex. Huxleys wanted the reader to contemplate the affects of a society of no love, simply love of power and drugs, ultimately a foreboding warning. Both authors use a combination of Irony and humour to demonstrate the absurdity and flaws of both societies. For example in Orwell use of 'Pigs' as the leaders of the powerful regime, this imagery in itself conjures up images of dishonest, greedy and lying leaders, similarly the simple irony used throughout the novel which also succeeds in emphasising the animal's innocence and the leaders clever malicious character "When they came back in the evening they noticed that the milk had disappeared… the behavior of the cat was somewhat peculiar" Simialry in 'Brave New World' Huxley adds humour with very dark undertones, this fits in very well with the entire theme of the book, for example the blasphemous association with words that in our socirty we regard as wholesome and worthy "Mother…Father…Family…Childbirth" Huxley's humour differs from Orwell's as there a sinister feel to it, as it rejects our society and everything we believe in "…Yet humour was not the intention of Aldous Huxley…Indeed Huxley's messsage is very dark"

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