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Popularity!" Kirstin walked down the hall with her nose up in the air. She was rich, popular and pretty and she knew it. She was the meanest out of all of them, out of her clique. That morning they picked me out of a crowd. I was carrying books, tons of books; up to my nose. They cut through the crowd walking straight for me and Gibby, Kirstin's "˜sidekick' stuck out her foot and my books flew everywhere. "Don't fall honey!" Kirstin said laughing, "Cluts!" Gibby yelled obnoxiously.

But Taylor she was different she looked down at me with pity in her eyes and picked up one of my books, "here ya go!" she said handing it to me. I couldn't believe that I was their mission that morning. The one that they wanted to embarrass the most, the whole hall stood there laughing as Kirstin and Gibby high-fived each other.

I looked up at Taylor with tears in my eyes grabbed my books off the floor and bolted to the bathroom. I sat there for about a half an hour just thinking what it would be like to be them, to hang out with them on weekends, to look like them, it would just be awesome is what I thought.

Then that's when it happened, Kirstin, Gibby and Taylor walked into the bathroom. I couldn't let them see me crying so I decided to sit tight and keep quiet until they left, but that's when I heard it. The most horrible thing, the thing people hope they never have to hear, but I heard it. I never could of thought, no one would of thought that those girls could be a part of something so awful. Sure they were snotty and mean and I know that I'm not a therapist but the way they were talking sounded psychotic. They were talking about a murder, a murder that they committed. It had been on the news and in the paper. Jody Foster had gone to our school and she didn't take crap from them and the way they explained it is that things just got out of hand. They went to her house one night after Jody insulted Kirstin on day at school pretty bad. They only wanted to scare her but Gibby accidentally stabbed her in the gut, "the knife it just slipped, I didn't mean to kill her!" Gibby yelled at Taylor "Why don't we just tell somebody? Well just tell them about how it was an accident." Taylor snapped back, "they'll understand!" Gibby and Kirstin got silent for a few minutes, then Gibby and Kirstin started to discuss Jody, how stiff her body was, how her eyes looked when it happened. So extremely disgusted I made a face and let out this loud gag.

The girls got silent again, then I could hear Kirtin's shoes on the floor coming closer and closer, she swung upen the door looked at me and said, "well, well girls what have we here girls?" "A rat!" Gibby shouted.

I was petrified, I didn't know what to do.I began trembling, my eyes burned as if someone had just poked them with two hot stakes, my chin quiverred. Kirstin grabbed me and yanked me to my feet. She then walked around me stopped and stared straight into my burning eyes. "N-N-No!" I stammered trying to cathch my breath, "I won't say-say anything!" "YEA RIGHT!" Gibby said sarcastically.

"Mmm. What are we to do?" Kirstin said.

"Leave her alone, she won't say anything!" Taylor yelled.

Kirstin began circling me again, she was intimidating me so much I felt as if I was about to pass out. Once again, she stopped starring me in the eyes and said, "I have a proposition for you. As long as you can keep your mouth shut!" She paused for a second and began speaking overly calm, "I'll give you something you've always wanted but something you thought you could never have, Popularity." The word bounced around in my head, "˜Popularity' I thought, me, "be popular?" I said aloud catching my breath finally. I thought, well, there not really murderers, they didn't mean to kill Jody, it was an accident like Taylor said. I looked back at Kirstin and said. "Alright deal!" That night they took me shopping, basically bought me a hole new wardrobe, they bought me new make-up and told me how to put it on and on top of all that they died my hair blonde. I looked completely different my dad didn't even recognize me.

The next few weeks at school were amazing, it's like I got to start all over again. I had dates lined up for every weekend. It seemed as if life was perfect. In fact people were paying more attention to me then to Kirstin. I went on living with this popularity for about a month, but Kirstin started to get really jealous. She started threatening me, "You better step off a little or this popularity scam of yours will go public!" Kirstin said. The only difference is that Kirstin didn't scare me too much anymore.

I starred right back into her eyes and shouted, "BRING IT ON!" A couple of days after rumors started circulating the school about me and soon I was back to my old self, the one nobody paid attention to, but this time somebody was there to back me up, Taylor. And the little scam we had planned was going to blow her out of the water.

The next day at school, we posted flyers everywhere with a picture of Kirstin and Gibby and wrote murderers over there faces. Taylor and I then phoned the police, told them that whole story. The police showed up at lunch to arrest Kirstin and Gibby infront of the whole school.

You see, I realized that I didn't really need to be popular that bad. I would much rather just be myself besides they killed someone and I feel just as guilty for covering for them and not telling the police right away, and all that just to be popular. When the thing I detest the most now is people like them. What kind of popularity is it if it's not true? So how I now I know that popularity comes from inside, it's all about how you feel not someone else. I now believe that I have the perfect life, and I don't need to change it at all.

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