Pope Benedict XV. Essay regarding the live of Pope Benedtict XV, on the major things he contributed to society and the church

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Pope Benedict XV

Pope Benedict XV was born the name Giacomo della Chiesa on November 21, 1854. He grew up through a high class lifestyle and was greatly educated in the field of law. Once he received his degree in 1875, della Chiesa carried his studies onto the priesthood, where he trained for the Vatican diplomatic service. After many years of working his way up the ladder through both family friends and connections through the church, della Chiesa was ordained a Cardinal on May 25, 1914.

During the first three months of della Chiesa's life as a Cardinal, the current pope, Pope Pius X, died right during the outbreak of the first World War. In honor of the Pope's death, della Chiesa made a speech for the occasion, and with the current vacancy of the papacy, he was elected to the throne on September 3rd. He took the name of Benedict XV.

In his years of rule, Pope Benedict XV tried to create peace between the countries at war. He referred to the First World War as "the suicide of Europe," and tried to put an end to its destruction through many letters to apposing countries along with treaties. His first treaty was the released on the Christmas of 1914, entitled as the Christmas Truce. However it was ignored as to the effect to stop the war, it did entice the ability for prisoners of war to contact with their families.

Pope Benedict XV's most famous negotiation is known as the "seven-point Papal Peace Proposal" released on August 1917. This stated the demand of "a cessation of hostilities, a reduction of armament, guaranteed freedom from the seas, and international arbitration." However just like the previous attempts, this plea was discarded by the military leaders of the combating countries. In...

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