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Lord Byron was born 22 January 1788 in London. He was born with a defected foot. He was known as George Noel Gordon He was raised by his mother Catherine Gordon. His father, Captain John Byron, was an ex naval officer. He was known as "Mad Jack" Byron. He had married Catherine Gordon by force, on the face of her families protest. Lord Byron's father had only seen him once. He had taken him from his mother and had returned him the next morning because of his crying during the night.

Lord Byron was a romantic poet. The first time he fell in love with was a girl named Mary Duff at the age of seven. He was very angry at her getting married nine years later. Lord Byron was schooled until the age of ten, after which he had inherited the estates of his great uncle. Along with the state he had also received his title, Lord Byron.

He loved his surroundings in his new gotten house.

After receiving his Uncles he went to study in Dulwich, Harrow, and Cambridge. There, his debts piled up and rumors about him spread. He provoked distress with his bisexual relationships. Few years after this his firs collection of poems was called "The Hours of Idleness" came out. It did not receive very good reviews. One of the poems in this collection was dedicated to the death of his cousin. It is called, "On the Death of a Young Lady". Lord Byron's cousin was very dear to him.

The poem goes like this:

"Hush'd are the winds, and still the evening gloom,

Not e'en a zephyr wanders through the grove,

Whilst I return to view my Margaret's tomb,

And scatter flowers on the dust I love

Within this narrow cell reclines...

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