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Many different people have many different ways of expressing emotion, for example happiness, sadness, and other emotions; but the most seen way of expressing emotion in my opinion would by writing a poem. Poems can be used to do anything, but are usually used to express emotion or feelings that you may have, that you just don't want to say so you would write it down in poetic form. I think poetry is probably the easiest way to let your feelings toward someone or something out. The quality I like most about poems would be the detail in which most authors describe what they are telling about. When authors talk about something in detail they usually use adjectives, verbs, and nouns to explain what they are writing about more in detail to make the reader understand more. In the poem Rhythms, Diana Chang uses all three of the details I have listed above, and also in the poem Prayer to the Pacific, Leslie Silko also uses the details.

In both poems Rhythms and Prayer to the Pacific Diana Chang and Leslie Silko use a lot of adjectives. The reason I like that in an author is because it helps me understand the poem. My favorite line out of both poems is from Rhythms, " Cars are pieces of the world, tearing away." The reason I like that line so much was because it was so descriptive and grabbed my attention with the way it was phrased. When poems do not use adjectives and just write on and on and don't have a point really noone would want to read them.

Verbs are another very important thing that authors must use in order to make their poetry fun and enjoy-full for most of their readers. Prayer to the Pacific had...

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