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J. Wood English 223: Literature into Film John Esperian and Tymios Carabas, Instructors September 11, 2001 An Overview of Planet of the Apes Pierre Boulle's Planet of the Apes is a tale of three human men who travel 300 light years to the planet Soro, which on the surface appears to be very similar to Earth; however, the men ultimately find out that this is not the case. On Soro, humans are devoid of intelligence and possess animalistic qualities. Paradoxically, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees have evolved into dominant life forms, each with their own social classes. While the simians partake in politics, the arts and literature, the humans are hunted and utilized in scientific experiments.

As the story unfolds, two simian psychologists, Zira and Cornelius ultimately befriend the protagonist, Ulysee Mérou. It is through these central characters that we come to understand the aspects of simian life and why the leaders of Soro fear Ulysse; Ulysee's existence as an intelligent rational human is a direct contradiction to simian creationist teachings.

While the secondary characters such as Nova, Professor Antelle and his assistant, Arthur add dimension with their respective story lines, they are not an integral part of the story's theme. The exclusion of such characters would not detract from the allegory. If we as humans continue to hunt and analyze those who are different, and take for granted that which is around us, then we may ultimately end up caged and analyzed.

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