Planet Of The Apes

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W.T. Quick, the most prolific of writers, is a native of Indiana. After a stint in God's Country, Lancaster, Pa., Quick settled in a rambling Victorian flat on Russian Hill in San Francisco. Mr. Quick is the author of twenty-one novels, among which are the seminal cyberpunk hit Dreams of Flesh and Sand, the best-selling pre-historic thriller The Last Mammoth, and a new series of novels entitled Quest For Tomorrow, which he co-authored with William Shatner of Star Trek fame. He has produced dozens of shorter works of fiction and three screenplays for film and television. Although too modest to tell you himself, Mr. Quick has been listed in "Who's Who In America" since 1996, and as Captain Kirk himself put it. The protagonist is Captain Leo Davidson. He has to find a way out of the planet in order to stay alive. He finally gets some of the humans that are also on that planet.

The apes use the humans as slaves so he gets some allies to help him annihilate the apes. When he gets the allies to help him, he also finds he has a friend in an ape. Ari is the name of the ape that helps him along with her friend Krull, and also a very unlikely friend in Limbo the slave-trading ape.

The antagonists are the apes. The apes that are the biggest part of the problems are Thade and his devoted gorilla captain Attar. Thade is like the ruler of the ape military and he is devoted to kill the human Captain Leo Davidson for "kidnapping" the governor's daughter Ari. If his dream of killing Captain Leo Davidson succeeds; all of the other human slaves will die along with him and then nobody knows how far Thade could go.

The setting takes place...

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