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Every year millions of people fly on airplanes. However, nowadays it may not be as wonderful as we thought. With lack of training for pilots, not enough precautions taken by the aviation industry and old, unsafe planes flying in the skies, passengers are risking their lives flying in airplanes. Without new laws imposed to make flying safer, this is getting worse and worse. Flying in an airplane is more of a risk now, than ever.

These days' pilots are not trained well enough. They need to learn more about accident prevention. According to the Washington Post, "Pilots never become trained on what precautions to take to prevent recurring accidents"�, (Schiavo, page 75). This means that pilots never are trained on what to do to prevent a past accident from reoccurring. "More training and more testing should take place for pilots, they should have random tests and at least once a year they should have a tester fly with them, to make sure they are still capable of piloting an aircraft"�, (Stevens, page 45).

Aircraft pilots are not trained well enough.

Most accidents that occur are the fault of either Aviation Officials or the fault of the airports. Mistakes are made often that put the passengers' lives at risk. An example is the crash of the Concorde. The crash of the Concorde occurred because of a stray piece of metal on the runway, if the runway had been swept then there would have not been a problem, but the runway had not been swept for over twelve hours ((Crash Probe Shifts to Blown Tires, 5 September 2000). In addition, Airlines overwork their pilots, and they are like "virtual "˜zombies' at the end of the day"� (Pilot Fatigue: 8/3/99, 8 October 2000). Aviation officials and Airports cause many accidents that could...

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