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Jonathan Porter 9/24/01 I am ?and I will be writing to you about colonial times. How it was like living in America. They got through the years and formed the colonial states. This is the year 1620. English colonies were established along the Atlantic cost. I will tell you how the Native Americans helped them survive thought the years. I think that it is a good country because you get religious freedom. And you can do lots of things because it is a free country. And you get to start out with a large piece of land for farming and to raise a family. Its is rough living but it is a free country and its not that bad. In my journal you can see how it was like living day to day in colonial times.

1/22/1620 First I saw many barrels. And many people being berried. It was sad and painful.

Many people had diseases like smallpox. And many other deadly diseases and a lot of people were sick and dieing. Many children were dieing. A mans life was short but the woman's average life was even shorter. And it was horrible because all of the children were sick and dieing.

1/24/1620 And I saw some weddings. Also the woman's dad made the girls get married to wealthy man. So they would no have a sad poor life. And the churches were also known as a meeting place for the town. And they had big events in there. Most of the time the girl's dad picked their husbands.

1/27/1620 Next I saw lots of trade going on I saw some pilgrims trading with the Indians. And they traded stuff for something then they traded that for something else and they never stopped trading stuff. That's how they got stuff that they needed. They traded all sorts of things. They traded up and down the colonies.

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